If you are thinking to extend your house because you are living in a single story property, then it is simple. Instead of doing construction outwards and covering wide area of your garden you can extend your house upwards. Constructing 2nd story onto your house is simple if you work with the reliable contractors. They are well-aware of all the factors and they how to add second floor to an existing structure with minimum fuss. You can convert single story house to double story with house builders Newcastle.

What is Building cost of 2nd story?

Get true valuation of your home by getting true building prices. Do you want to construct a standard accommodation? For this purpose estimation is vital for single to double story conversion. With the help of reliable contracting service, you can get accurate cost estimation. The 2nd story construction is extremely easy and feasible for you. The brick walls have made this task easier for the customers. Their payment procedure is very simple. With the house builder Gordon Rutty in Newcastle, you can easily handle your tasks. They accept cash, credit cards and debit cards. The online payment system is very easy and simple for the clients.

Get the estimation

The cost of adding a second story to a house is not very high. Choose the right contractor will guide you about its pricing. If you are going to construct your building then you need to get estimation of the construction expenditure.

Are you interested in extending your house upwards? You can build a dream home that is modern, comfortable and located close to nature? Luxury houses have all these things. You can save the cost of fundamental structure if you build second story.

Services of the contractors

With the help of their proficient preparation Bill of Quantity, Management, Measure, Freelance, BOQ, Procurement and professionalism, they have worked on the Government tenders. It makes them popular in the area.

The team of the professional contractors is available to visit the area and they will help you to pay the right price for the property. This is not only about the residential property; the company provides services about commercial property valuation as well as adding a 2nd story onto your home. You can contact them for estimation before starting the work. They are easily available online to answer your queries. This is to offer convince to the clients.