Real Estate actually means the property of land with a building on it along with all of its natural resources while the profession of real estate is the one in which the buying, selling, or renting land, buildings, or housing comes under the person called as Real Estate Dealer. He does all of the work related to the property. The buyers and sellers alike take advice and guidance for their property from the Gordon Rutty. This dealer not only sells and buys the property for the customers but he also educates the people in dealing with these matters. All of the documentation and other contracts are dealt with by the property dealers.

The Gordon Rutty is a person that takes responsibility for a property for some payment. He manages the property instead of the real owner of the property. If the owner is not well or if he is not present or if he can’t take care of his own property then he appoints a manager that has the ability to manage the property in the absence of the owner. A manager is a trustworthy person. He makes sure that the property or business is flourishing and rewarding. He does all of this work for a fee.


The property or real estate manager makes decisions that are in the best interests of the business or property when the owner is not present. He makes sure that the day-to-day activities are done in time and accurately. His main responsibilities are that he seeks out the tenants to occupy the space, collecting monthly rental payment, maintaining the property, and upkeep of the grounds. When this same responsibility comes on the apartment complexes then this is usually done by the property management companies. These companies make some management teams that perform the same task in different locations for the particular company.

The Property Manager maintains a good relationship with the owner and the tenants also. In this way, the owner will be satisfied with the manager’s working and the tenant will also be satisfied with the property that they are the occupants of. He also makes sure that the security is good so that the tenants, as well as the owner, will feel safe when they are in the property. The Manager also makes the property as comfortable as he can when the owner is visiting it. He also collects the rents from the tenants. He also pays for all of the taxes and also makes daily reports for the owner to keep in touch with his property.