Gordon Rutty, Australia’s most famous property strategist

When it comes to first impressions, you cannot fake authenticity and with Gordon Rutty you will find plenty of it. After all, not only is the man one of Australia’s most prominent Property Strategists – he’s also a boxer and philanthropist who donated a kidney to a complete stranger.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Rutty was raised in Australia for most of his life. He first rose to prominence six years ago after founding the Smart Property Research Group. Nowadays, he dominates headlines for his non-profit work as well as his appearances in the boxing ring.

With twenty years of experience under his belt, Gordon Rutty started the Smart Property Research Group as a means to financially empower clients by offering them suitably affordable property investments. In a market filled with chancers and schemers, he soon built a reputation for dispensing honest advice, allowing his clients to make informed decisions on the suitability of a certain property as an investment. Unlike many other property strategists, Gordon Rutty steers clear of advising his clients on making investments that would benefit him – but not them. This dedication to selflessness and looking out for the benefit of other people is what has built his client base up to what it is today. It is also what spurred him on to get involved as a member of Transplant Australia.

Like most of us, Gordon’s life has been touched by cancer. In his case, it came in the form of the death of a close friend. His reaction to the death was less than typical, immediately deciding, at the age of 50, to donate a kidney to a complete stranger. Despite suffering complications from the transplant which kept him in hospital for longer than anticipated, Gordon Rutty is still actively involved with Transplant Australia, working with children in need as well as recipients of donor organs. One of his acts of kindness involved chartering a plane from Sydney to allow ailing children to visit the Dubbo Zoo.

Despite only having one functioning kidney, Rutty also continues to fight fit as an amateur boxer and regularly participates in the Fight Like a Pro boxing program.

With so many accomplishments to his name, it’s no question that whatever this married father of three gets up to next he will excel at.



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